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Invisalign Pros and Cons: What You Need to Know

The global Invisalign market is expecting to reach $10 billion by the end of 2028. The demand for these kinds of clear aligners is overtaking the market.

But, is it the right choice for you? This guide will give you the Invisalign pros and cons to help you decide if the choice if it’s the right fit for you.

Invisalign Benefits

Many people are undergoing the check-up to see if they need Invisalign. Even people who previously wore braces consider the option. There are several benefits to signing up for Invisalign braces instead of taking another orthodontic route.

Of the many Invisalign benefits, one major benefit is seen in the name itself. Invisalign braces are nearly invisible to the eye. This is a plus for those who are not considering orthodontic work due to the metal braces look. But, you need to make sure you won’t lose your aligners since you can remove them.

But, with that said, it requires a level of self-discipline it requires to keep the progress. If you forget to have a consistent routine, you won’t see this progress.

Invisalign is a great alternative to having a mouth full of metal. Many celebrities and stars are endorsing the product due to their success.

So, you can straighten your teeth and have a better smile without drawing too much-unwanted attention. All you have to do is follow these simple procedures.

No Food Restrictions

There are other major Invisalign benefits including the lack of food restrictions while using it. People that use metallic braces know that there are waiting periods for eating solid foods. This list of foods to avoid includes popcorn, hard-crust bread, apples, and most kinds of gum and candy.

If you use braces, you may forget these restrictions and cause damage to the wiring. This can include tearing the wiring and even popping off a bracket after an incorrect bite. 

Meanwhile, while using Invisalign, you have full access to all kinds of food. There are no restrictions, you just remove your aligners and reattach them after you finish.

Brushing & Flossing

Another Invisalign benefit includes the ease of access when brushing and flossing. Children using braces are known not to brush and floss due to the inaccessibility. This can cause permanent white scars, swollen gums, and even multiple cavities.

These are all the results of not brushing and flossing while having metallic braces. Brushing with braces is not impossible, but it is far more difficult than the average brushing session.

But, people who frequent snacking may not enjoy using the Invisalign braces. Those with conditions such as diabetes who require frequent snacks may not like the process.

Invisalign does not contain wires or brackets that cause discomfort or trappings while brushing. Patients undergoing the Invisalign process have a better chance of maintaining their oral hygiene. It takes less time and the added measure of removing the Invisalign braces simplifies the steps.

Orthodontic Work

When using Invisalign, you can conduct simpler and quick appointments with Orthodontists. An Invisalign provider can help guide you through the process of scheduling and continuing appointments.

Braces require arduous manual work done by a professional. Orthodontists require continual maintenance to help treat patients with braces.

This can include bi-weekly appointments to help correct teeth. With that said, some patients may require more extensive Orthodontic work to correct more severe issues.

Braces require frequent check-ups to repair bracket or wiring issues as well. This can include changing wires and re-bonding loose brackets. Inconsistency when using Invisalign can extend the time and cause more frequent appointments.

It can also require orthodontists to adjust springs to help retain the braces. As you can see, there are many aspects of Orthodontic work that braces require.

Appointments & Check-ups

Invisalign braces eliminate the need for these time-consuming procedures. The average time spent at an Orthodontist appointment with braces takes around 30 to 40 minutes. The average Invisalign appointment reduces this time, taking around 10 to 15 minutes.

In addition to that time reduction, you also decrease the total number of appointments as well. Orthodontists require patients to visit their offices at around six to eight-week intervals.

With Invisalign, your appointments are marked down to ten to twelve-week intervals. But, this period could take up to 24 months to complete.

There are benefits to reducing appointments and having fewer office visits. This means less time off school and not requesting more time off work. So, you can save those vacation and sick days for more important matters.

Less Pain & More Gain

Another benefit of choosing Invisalign braces is less pain with your procedure. There is less comfort and irritation when handling Invisalign braces. With braces, it can take time to gain comfort, and it can scrape and cut your cheeks.

There is always a new level of discomfort when applying new wires or brackets to your teeth. Some orthodontist procedures may even require you to roll up balls of wax to prevent the ends wires from poking your mouth. This can add to the many painful aspects of the braces procedures.

You can expect a minimum of a few days of discomfort when beginning the process of applying braces. But, when you remove the application of wires or braces you can greatly reduce or even eliminate this discomfort. The mechanical discomfort inside your mouth can cause other issues with your pain.

Invisalign Pros and Cons

There are many benefits to starting your Invisalign treatment. But it’s always important to consult with your local Orthodontist before embarking on your treatment plan.

The majority of individuals can help their recovery by choosing Invisalign braces. But, your Invisalign provider can help you help weigh out the Invisalign pros and cons. In the end, a professional consultant can help you decide whether the treatment plan is right for you.

Browse our treatment options and plans to see if Invisalign works for you so you can be on your way to having the perfect smile!

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